Los Osos, California. (Sewer update Feb 2012)

We have a community in San Luis Obispo County that has no sewer. That’s right, the beautiful, modern coastal community of Los Osos, California has every single family home on individual septic tanks. We’ll it is about to change finally.

They’ve put off getting a sewer in there for as long as possible, but the sh– is hitting the fan. Building will start  in June 2012, and residents will be hooking up in mid 2014.  Two project managers John Waddell the project engineer, and John Diodati, the Dept administrator came to our office meeting today to give us a summary of the process and the property owner costs associated with the sewer project.

There will best costs per homeowner for the construction and for usage of the sewer. First of all each parcel owner will be assessed $24,941.19. This assessment will be part of the property tax and will be a lien on the property, which like property taxes, cannot be subordinated. This assessment pays for the construction of the sewer infrastructure. Financing through low cost 30 year loan by the state and the Federal Government makes the interest rate on the loan to be about 3%. Homeowners can pay it off, or get the low interest loan. We were told that the approximate cost of the financed assessment would be about $100./month.

On top of that, there will be a base fee for the usage of the sewer which has been estimated to be $25-$30/month plus usage fee which will be $7.48 per water unit. They said that the average person uses 2 units per month, so about $15/mo for each person using the system.

What this means for homeowners or for buyers considering purchasing in Los Osos is that you can expect to pay an additional $160/mo for the sewer. More if you have a big family loving long showers!

Finally another important factor to consider is that the homeowner has the responsibility to hook up to the sewer and to decommission their septic tank. The homeowner must hire their own contractor who will install the line from the house to the line installed by the county. The county will lay the lateral line to the property line, and the homeowner takes on the line from the property edge to the house. The guys estimated this cost to be $2000 on average. They also cautioned that if the line from the house goes uphill, there will be additional costs for a pump installation. Or, if the septic tank is difficult to access, there will be additional costs.

There are some special areas in Los Osos that will not be subject to the sewer. Those properties that are at least an acre, and possibly 1/2 acre will be exempted.  Other special areas will have a little different hook up fees, such as mobile home parks. The costs will be less.

Vacant lots are special circumstances and are exempt from the charges.

Another very important point made. Although with the new sewer, home owners will finally be able to add water using rooms such as additional bathrooms, the building moratorium will not be automatically lifted. Building on vacant lots will still not be easy at this point. Another thing to consider if you are thinking that you can just build once the sewer is in

Good website to check on assessment costs and other information is:


By the way, I did my best to inhale all this information, but I could be off on some of my understanding. Please by all means if you want exact information, check it out.

A great benefit for buyers is that prices have been held down in Los Osos because of the unknown costs of the sewer construction and usage. Search Listings in Los Osos. Find great dealsin the beautiful coastal community of Los Osos.



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6 responses to “Los Osos, California. (Sewer update Feb 2012)

  1. ken

    Are you a licensed real estate broker?

    • Hi Ken,
      Yes I am. Can I help you with anything?

      • Ken Mattern

        Yes, can you tell me where you grew up or went to High School? I’m 65 and I grew up in the orange groves near Disneyland. I worked at Hyperion sewage treatment plant in LA.I moved up here in 1987 and I am against un-sustainable growth. I hope you sell many existing homes and have a fruitful career.

      • Hi Ken,
        I’m with you on the smart growth!
        I grew up in the south bay, went to South High in Torrance, CA
        Thanks for the well wishes Ken. I do sell existing homes.

  2. LM

    What does this mean for a potential renter? We are relocating to the Central Coast and are looking at Los Osos. Thanks!

    • Hi Liz,
      Thanks for your question; it is a great one. The charges for the Los Osos sewer infrastructure would be billed to the owner of the property. When considering a rental, you would just have to see what utilities the landlord is going to cover. If the landlord is not going to pay water and sewer, just know that there will be a sewer charge of about $200. Just make sure you have a clear understanding of the utilities charges when you sign your lease.
      Hope this helps, and thanks for contacting me.

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