New Homes in San Luis Obispo (Update)

San Luis Obispo New Construction Gets Revamped

Even during the real estate run up, there were few new housing developments in San Luis Obispo coming on the market. That’s just the way we are here. Now that the real estate market is again on the upswing (please God not like last time!) and builder confidence is good, there is a new development ready to be built in an area just south of town near the Damon Garcia Sports complex.

Serra Meadows. A Planned Neighborhood in San Luis Obispo

Serra Meadows is a planned neighborhood of about 177 homes, a park and walking paths, and will border some nice open space known as South Hills.

The planning and building got underway and while hiking the South Hills, for several months I watched the streets being carved and a couple of homes partially constructed to the siding and roof phase …. and…. then….it stopped. For a few months. Nothing. What is the deal? Well this morning  the paper reported that there has been a shift and Resmark has hired a new builder, Mangano Homes, who has done some nice homes over at Bowden Ranch near the High School.

Andy Mangano has also worked with RRM Design to tweak the floor plans to make them more open and to add solar to each of  the homes. Sounds like they are going to be even better than before. I do like the cottage style architecture and the neighborhood design with the walking paths and the front porches.

They should be ready early next year. Let me know if you would like more information.

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